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Products >> College Support system (CSS)

More than 80 percent of today’s jobs are not posted on job boards. But educational institutions, to survive in the growing competition, are compelled to guide their students to find a job. In this scenario, only alumni can assist the Alma matter. The alumni are vital stakeholders in the institutions and when harnessed can play a vital role in the execution of the mandate of the institutions.

Amidst tough competition for jobs and growing trend of job seekers presenting fake credentials, recruiters are increasingly turning towards in-service personnel to find right people for the right jobs. It is exactly at this point, alumni connections can be a great resource in the job market.

But the key to make all these things happen is to keep in contact with alumni who might be able to offer advice, or get a job for a graduate coming out of the same institution where he or she had studied, or assist the institution in any other manner.

The best way to keep in contact with alumni in the 21st century is an online database – with information on graduates working in a variety of fields, since the career office of every institution will have limitations.

You need a specially designed and customized technology to maintain an online database of alumni. Making your job easy, we have developed the technology College Support System with four modules which enable communication, sharing of opportunities, knowledge, and information about events.

The College Support System is useful:
  • To create and maintain an updated alumni database
  • To provide a link between the alumni Association and the institution
  • To sensitize and create awareness among the alumni and students about the alumni Association and its activities
  • To plan for and facilitate the implementation of alumni activities
  • To reach out to alumni in the Diaspora and involve them in the alumni association’s activities
  • To facilitate the involvement of alumni in the institution’s activities and development plans
The “College Support System” can help to the colleges/students to take help from old students of the college. It has mainly 4 modules.

Opportunities Sharing

This module provides an interface to the old students (after login) who can post the know opportunities into the system so that the job seekers (new student) can apply for the opportunities.

Knowledge Sharing

This module provides an interface to the old students who can share the Knowledge among the College Alumni Association about New/Popular/Upcoming Technologies.


This module provides an interface to the old students who want to send communication messages to all Alumni Association Members (or) their classmates.


This module provides an interface to the colleges/students to communicate about an event.